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Your Wedding Theme

Whether it’s a traditional, formal or off-the-beaten-track wedding, you’re putting the whole event together yourself by planning its every phase. These days, with so much available on the Internet, it’s easy! All you need is some time and a clear idea of the feeling you want to get across.

Start with a theme and you’ll have a coherent image you can use throughout the entire wedding. You may be surprised, in fact, how potent just a word or concept can be, once applied as your marriage theme.

Love angels, for example? What could be more perfect than finding ways to incorporate angels in every phase of your wedding?

From the flowers to the guest favors to the vows, you can find a way to carry out the theme through the entire event. Is it to be a casual wedding of two Renaissance types? The Renaissance theme is compatible with the wedding ritual, and makes for an unforgettable event.

Getting married on February the fourteenth? Hearts and flowers are perhaps the most traditional and best beloved of all wedding themes!

When you’re planning your wedding, save time to choose the music with care. Get together with whoever is providing the music and talk about the right pieces for the two of you. There is nothing that sets the tone like music, and your wedding music will live in your memories for the rest of your lives.

The rings, the vows, the wardrobeÖall the choices you must make to create an intimately personal expression of your love, are made so much easier by following a theme. But the idea behind it all is what counts.

You can choose one word to describe the spirit you wish to be your wedding, as if the coming together of two hearts creates a separate entity with one quality.

Is it joy? Is it contentment? Is it a giddy, bubbly, mirthful adoration? Pick a word or a phrase and keep it in mind. It’ll tie everything together and make the experience more perfect. And your wedding theme can become a foundation throughout your marriage.

For your wedding.

For each other.

For your life.

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Childrens Wedding Activity Books

Check out our very own childrens wedding activity books. Great for keeping the kids entertained at your wedding. Keep them occupied throughout the boring bits with some great little childrens wedding activity books. Create your own  DIY Kids wedding activity packs you could include some small crayons or pencils, some little treats, a disposable camera and these great little kids wedding activity books.Our range of wedding activity books will be a hit at your wedding these cute little A5 size booklets will keep the kids entertained during the wedding reception great for children at weddings.


These childrens wedding activity books are  now available. A classic Wedding Activity book with Wedding Toolz touch. We have included heaps of pages full of activities, games and colour in pages. Defiantly not your standard activity book. These great little books are available now from our store. 

Whats in The Books?

– Colour in pages
– Wedding Word Search
– Connect the dots
– Decorate The cake
– Family portrait
– Wedding Maze
– Wacky Wedding Story
– Tic Tac Toe
– Flower Designer
– Wedding Checklist Game