Mini Single Glass Cupcake Container

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Product Description

Mini Glass Cupcake holder Jar / Container. These mini bell jars are a popular way to display your wedding, shower or garden party favours. Whether filled with cupcakes, bon bons, candies or even a nature inspired idea such as moss and bloom, they will make memorable take home favours your guests will love.

Item Details

  • This item is sold in packages of 4
  • Elegant Bell Design
  • Glass Top with Metal Base
  • Bulk Discounts
  • 8 cm x 8 cm x 11 cm H
  • Base made of metal with white coating.

Product Q&A’s

Q: Does the glass jar lift off of the base easily?
A: Yes, the glass portion of this product is easy to remove.
Q: How tall can the cupcake be?
A: The interior jar height is 8.5cm. A 8cm high cupcake, including icing will fit nicely inside the jar.
Q: What is the base made of?
A: The base is made of metal with a white coating and lifts easily.


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